123V - Vegan restaurant from Alexis Gauthier at Fenwick, Bond Street

The new 100% plant-based restaurant from Alexis Gauthier
at Fenwick of Bond St, London

Outside covered terrace 9.30am- last table 6pm

Restaurant - Lower Ground Floor 10am-last table 6pm

Sundays 12pm-3pm

Modern, fresh,
plant-based food.

123V is for everyone. Alexis Gauthier's menu brings together influences from all over the world, including Southern California, Mexico, Thailand and the South of France. Whether it's a Champagne breakfast on Bond Street, a three course family lunch or aperitivo drinks and snacks at sunset, the aim is simple: to open your eyes to how delicious plant-based food can be.


123V is a three-part message born out of a love for the planet, the animals and ourselves as human beings, which we believe is on a path to change for the better.

For the planet

123V represents a conscious decision to accept the future of our planet is our responsibility, right down to the daily choices we make and the food we eat. Eating plant-based is the biggest single positive step we can make.

For the animals

123V believes in the need to move towards a compassionate revolution and build a new respectful relationship with the animals with which we share this planet. All animals deserve to live hopeful and free.

For ourselves

123V Is a first point for personal wellbeing, health and fun, starting with the food on your plate through to the social environment surrounding eating out.

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Outside covered terrace 9.30am-last table 6pm - Open Now

Restaurant & Sushi counter - Lower Ground Floor 10am-6pm - Opens May 17th

Sundays 12pm-3pm

Please choose one of three seating options: main restuarant, sushi counter, or outside terrace on Brook Street. On the terrace, booking is available at 12pm each day, all other times we welcome on a first come, first served basis.

No booking? No problem.

Spontaneous lunch? We'll always try and find a table for you, so please don't worry if you cannot make a booking.

All enquiries and questions, please Email us or call us on 0208 132 9088.

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Making a difference,
every day

"Ultimately, I really believe that a plant-based diet is the future for human beings. After everything we've lived through there is going to be a compassionate revolution and eating plant based food is going to be part of it. People are going to realise they need to leave the animals alone, but that won't stop them from enjoying life and going to restaurants and enjoying delicious food and wine." - Alexis Gauthier

"Animal agriculture is a bigger driver of global climate change than exhaust emissions from the entire transportation sector." - The Good Food Institute

Eating just one 123V California Burger (instead of a burger made from cows) will SAVE 3000 litres (10 bathtubs) of water, and the equivalent in CO2 of 25 km of average car emissions.